Mudgee man jailed after trial in Dubbo

A Mudgee man has been jailed for charges of armed robbery and wounding a family member in two separate incidents, after going to trial at Dubbo District Court recently.

Wayne James Pye, aged 42, who resided at Cassin Lane, Mudgee at the time of the offences, was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of four years six months with a non-parole period of two years nine months, for the charge of ‘Assault with intent to rob armed offensive weapon wound/Grievous Bodily Harm – Strictly Indictable’.

On the afternoon of December 26, 2013, Pye burst into the caravan that belonged to the victim of the incident and attempted to rob him with a knife.

Pye hit him in the throat and held the knife to his stomach and during the incident he wounded the victim’s hand with the weapon.

He was also sentenced to a term of imprisonment of two years three months with a non-parole period of one year six months, for the charge ‘Reckless wounding (Domestic Violence)’.

The incident occurred on April 6, 2014,  at Cassin Lane, Mudgee, following dispute with a family member.

 The jury returned a verdict of guilty when Pye stood trial in Dubbo District at the beginning of this month.

He is first eligible for parole on January 25 2018, and is to be released to supervised parole when the non-parole period expires.

Pye has already served time on the sentence having been refused bail last year as the matters made their way through local court prior to being committed to standing trial.

Last September, Pye’s former partner was sentenced to an 18-month good behaviour bond in Mudgee Local Court for attempting to cover up the armed robbery offence.

Sherry-Anne Lucas, aged 38, of Cameron Street, Mudgee, was charged with ‘Conceal serious indictable offence of another person’ for her part in the incident.

Lucas was present in the victim’s caravan when Pye attempted to rob him – was at the location prior - and stayed after Pye fled the scene and called an ambulance.

She told police that she didn’t know Pye.

He was later identified from where he’d grabbed the victim’s shirt and it was found that he told Lucas not to cooperate with police.

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