Do you know where your dog was last night? 

All small landholders, who breed and rear animals, are very aware how  vulnerable their livestock are to roaming, mischievous killer dogs at night: Domestic dogs with irresponsible owners who do not lock up their dogs at night or leave them unsupervised.

Gloria Pound from Carramar Road, Gulgong, has been suffering extreme emotional trauma and financial loss as a result of a brutal dog attack on her sheep. 

This is Gloria’s  story. 

ON THURSDAY,  September 15,  2016, I started my daily ritual, feeding my small flock of six  Dorper ewes and walking my little dog.  

BRUTAL: One of Gloria Pound's sheep injured in a recent attack by dogs.

BRUTAL: One of Gloria Pound's sheep injured in a recent attack by dogs.

Only three  ewes were waiting for their breakfast.

This was unusual and immediately I knew something  was very wrong as my sheep are  always together.

As I started to search for my other three  missing pets, I looked back and  noticed one ewe turned towards me.

What I saw would break anyone’s heart !

My beautiful ‘in lamb’ pet ewe was all bloodied down one side, with one ear hanging down as if broken ! 

I immediately rushed inside to ring the Council Ranger.

With tears and quivering voice, I relayed this horrific  situation.

As I waited for the Ranger, I continued looking for the missing three pet ewes. 

My mind was racing with anxiety, thinking .. ‘THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING  AGAIN !!’ 

One cannot fully explain in words what it was like to discover my missing pets. 

Two of my  beautiful Dorper ewes had been slaughtered. 

One was dead.

One was severely traumatised, alive when found but died a short time later.   

The third ewe suffered gruesome bites and torn flesh with her ear partially ripped away from its base and split downwards; surviving this brutal attack.

One month ago, I returned a Dorper ram, which was kindly given to me on loan to service my girls.

All the ewes were in lamb and obviously this is a huge financial  loss to me.

This is not the first time  I have suffered emotional and  financial stress from dangerous killer dogs on the loose in this area around me. 

In Janaury 2015, only 20 months ago, a killer dog attacked my mob of  Dorper sheep.

My  valuable Dorper Ram was brutally torn apart and dead.

One Dorper ewe, heavy in lamb with twins, was also savagely killed by this killer dog. This wonderful mother always produced twins in the past. 

I had to suffer the gruesome task of cutting her open as evidence.

The second Dorper ewe was severely mauled and traumatised, but she survived with treatment.  

The suspected killer dog was put down by its owner.  

There have been at least four other killer dog attacks to sheep in my area over  the past two years.

This is also the fourth dog attack to my stock.

Last month two dead sheep were also found in my neighbour’s dam.  

After each heart breaking event I suffer deeply.

I get very ill with severe migraines,  stomach problems and shake from lack of sleep.

 I lose my appetite and have a constant urge to cry, feeling the injustice. 

These farm animals are very quiet, which I hand feed every day for  enjoyment.  

They should provide me with meat and some finance to cover some farm costs.

To date, this has never eventuated.

It’s my duty to warn others in the area, these killers dogs are on the loose again !

Let’s support each other and discuss a solution. 

Do you know where your dog was last night? 

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