UFO expert investigates Dunedoo sightings

A  Dunedoo man has  reported seeing more than 50 unidentified objects in the night sky over the last two weeks.

The man, who does not wish to be identified, has been seeing  unidentified flying objects  or UFOs consistently over the last five months but said that the number of strange lights he had seen and recorded during the night had more than doubled over the last two weeks.  

Mariana Flynn, President of UFO Research NSW, said that she had travelled to Dunedoo to witness the activity herself after being contacted by the man. 

“I was there for two nights and I spotted nine lights in the sky,” she said.

“ We know that they were not satellites and they were not planes so what were they?” she said. 

“This man has been seeing these lights consistently. And yes, we know that some of them may not be UFOs, but they cannot all be explained away,” she said.

Ms Flynn said that she had studied the video the man had taken and listened to his reports and that the lights travelled in strange patterns that couldn’t be explained as lights from a plane of helicopter.

“Two of the lights that he’s seen on a regular basis always travel together, one behind the other. Some of them pass each other and others appear on their own,” she said. 

Ms Flynn said that she was well aware that not every UFO sighting was an unidentified flying object. 

She has had the footage taken by the Dunedoo local examined by an investigator who has found that one or two are from man-made objects.

“We know that the military are producing some very advanced crafts these days, like the one I saw in the paper a few days ago,” Ms Flynn said.

“I couldn’t say for sure that every sighting this man has seen has been the real thing but he has some pretty amazing footage to back himself up,” she said. 

Ms Flynn said that what was quite exciting about the sightings in Dunedoo was that the man’s father, uncle and aunt had started to see the lights as well. 

“The fact that he’s seen so many is pretty amazing. 

“And while we have to be careful not to assume that it’s a UFO straight away not all of them can be explained. 

“There’s one light that he’s seen several times -  it’s green and pulsates and looks a little bit like a mushroom - that has also been described by a man on the Central Coast,” Ms Flynn said. 

“I’m not sure how you could explain that otherwise.”

A screenshot of a YouTube video showing the UFO over Dunedoo.

A screenshot of a YouTube video showing the UFO over Dunedoo.


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