Road and field closures for Mudgee

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Council would like to advise that sporting grounds will be OPEN for games.

However as would be expected the grounds are saturated. Therefore Council is requesting that ALL clubs use common sense and inspect grounds prior to play.

If Clubs decide to continue play then all clubs need to undertake risk and ground condition assessments prior to playing to ensure the safety of their players. Please take into consideration that grounds are very wet and will sustain some damage.

Only players and officials will be permitted on the playing surfaces, no spectators, please ensure all members of your club are fully aware of this and take steps in preventing unnecessary traffic/wear on the grounds.

Being that the decision has just been made there may be some signs on the grounds that may have been missed being picked up, if this has occurred please remove and place to the side.

Opened roads

  • Hayes Gap Road - Open
  • Burrundulla Road – Open
  • Putta Bucca Road (near 2MG) – Open (with small amount of water still over road)
  • Spring Flat Road (Between Hill Sixty Drive & Wallinga Lane) – Open from 2:30pm
  • Crowleys Lane - Open
  • Rocky Waterhole Road – Open
  • Black Springs Road – Open
  • Pyangle Road (Lue Road end) – Open
  • Spring Creek Road - Open
  • Wilbetree Road – Open
  • Ulan Road (Cooyal Creek Crossing) – Open
  • Gollan Road (between Saxa Bridge & Ballimore Silo’s) – Open
  • Barneys Reef Road (2nd last causeway) – Open
  • Queens Pinch Road (Green Gully Bridge) – Open from 2:30pm
  • Spring Ridge Road (before Montaza Road) – Open
  • Mebul Road – Open
  • Lower Piambong Road – Open 

Closed roads

  • Linburn Lane – Closed
  • Kurtz Lane – Closed
  • Bara Road (Lue end) – Closed
  • Burrendong Dam Road – Closed
  • Old Barneys Reef Road (Chinamens Crossing) – Closed
  • Twelve Mile Road (Twelve Mile Bridge ONLY) – Closed
  • Gorries Lane - Closed
  • Jacksons Lane (causeway) – Closed
  • Jacksons Lane (causeway) – Closed

Also monitoring Cudgegong Road for rock falls and motorists are advised to beware of falling rocks in this area.

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