Council sets the record straight on buskers

Despite some confusion about fees regarding busking in Mudgee, Council has gone on record to set the facts straight.

There has been furious and passionate debate online since last week, mostly centralised around posts made on the Mudgee Community and Mudgee Discussion Facebook groups asking why buskers in Mudgee allegedly had to pay a $100 fee to busk on the footpath.

Click the image to go to the original post. (You may need to apply to join the page).

Click the image to go to the original post. (You may need to apply to join the page).

We contacted Mid-Western Regional Council asking if there was a fee for busking and if they could clear up any confusion once and for all.

Their response is in full below:

There is no fee for busking.

However, performers should get approval from Council if they are wanting to busk on Council land or on footpaths.

I understand that there has been some confusion which has been caused by the new application form that we use referencing a fee of $100 or so.

This is the same form that is used for businesses that apply for dining on the footpath or placing an a-frame sign on the footpath so I can see how the confusion may have come about. Apologies to everyone for this not being clear.

As a result of this, we have made changes to that application form today.

In providing approval for people to busk, there are some insurance requirements to meet and we do ask that performers talk to any business where they are intending to play in front of their premises in order to get their consent.

The best approach is to fill in the application form, which can be found at:

The relevant policy can be found at:

Note also that if performers want to busk on private land (which includes areas in front of some of the major shops and centres) then they should contact the property owner.

If anyone needs any further information or advice on this matter, please give Council a call or email and the relevant staff will be able to assist.


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