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Dr Mo and his wife Zainab, welcomed by the Kandos Rylstone district 

New Home: Dr Mo and his wife Zainab, welcomed.

New Home: Dr Mo and his wife Zainab, welcomed.

The Kandos Rylstone district is in the unique position of having three doctors to serve its small community following the recent re-location of 37-year-old Dr Mohammed Abdallah, affectionately called Dr Mo by colleagues and patients.

Initially he will be working five mornings and three afternoons with Dr Ali at his medical centre in Kandos and three afternoons at HealthOne in Rylstone.

At some point he will also be looking at a Saturday morning clinic.

Dr Mo, his wife Zainab, who is a medical engineer and their two boys aged two and one were welcomed by hospital staff at a luncheon held at HealthOne recently.

He said he has found the local community very friendly and welcoming.

After studying medicine in Iraq, Dr Mo moved to England where he completed an MBA degree in Health Planning

“Since arriving here I’ve also found the local people very friendly and welcoming."

Dr Mo worked as a doctor there for four years.

After considering the pros and cons he decided everything was better in Australia and moved here in 2011.

He worked at Bankstown Hospital for two and a half years.

He then spent another two and a half years at Blacktown and Mount Druitt working in emergency and also with National Home Visiting.

After this he wanted a change and another doctor suggested he take a drive to Kandos.

He spoke to Western NSW Workforce who were strongly supportive of the move.

“They were the driving force really and they said ‘this community needs you,’.

So I came and had a look and spoke with Dr Ali who was very welcoming”.

“Since arriving here I’ve also found the local people very friendly and welcoming.

I haven’t had time to integrate with the community yet but I’m very much looking forward to it,” he said.

For more information contact the clinics:

Rylstone Health One. Fitzgerald Street Rylstone. Open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm. Call 6357 8150.

Kandos Family Medical Practice. Kandos 42 Davies Road, Kandos. Call 6379 4405