Man fined $1000 in Mudgee court for drug supply charge

An Emu Plains man caught with a quantity of drugs enough to be deemed to be a supply offence, was fined $1000 when he appeared in Mudgee Local Court last Wednesday.

James Peter Spice, aged 32, of River Road, Emu Plains, pleaded guilty to the charge ‘Supply a prohibited drug’.

At about 10.15pm on Saturday, August 6, 2016, police saw a vehicle stop at an address at Horatio Street, Mudgee, for a short time before leaving again.

When they stopped the vehicle officers noticed that Spice’s eye-contact broke down when they questioned him about drugs.

He admitted to being in possession of three bags.

They were located under the driver’s seat and contained methamphetamine, in amounts of 0.16g, 0.87g and 0.16g with a total value of about $500.

Spice’s solicitor, Allan Hogan, told the court that his client was delivering the bags for a friend and that he’s “not a dealer”, the charge was a result of his admission, not the weight of drugs.

Magistrate Terry Lucas said “whichever way you look at it you’re before court for supply of methamphetamine” and that drugs end up in society “because of suppliers”.