M.O.R.R. Day runs as a success for charity drive

Last Sunday, at the Mudgee Race Club, the Mudgee Dragons Sponsors Day was held.

However, this year held specially significance for all associated with the club, with the season launch for 2017 going hand in hand with a remembrance of club legend Darryl ‘Radar’ Meers, as well as a charity drive for Robbie Gillham, titled Mates of Radar and Robbie (M.O.R.R.).

As well as a celebration of two men who have both been described as “amazing, kindhearted blokes”, the day had a donation of $100 where those attending could have their head shaved and receive a M.O.R.R. day hat.

The launch event raised almost $7,000 for charity.

All proceeds will go towards both the Mudgee Hospital and the running of the Dragons Club, at the request of Robbie Gillham.