Drug possession, manufacture before Mudgee Local Court

Mudgee Local Court.
Mudgee Local Court.

A 45-year-old man charged with possession of cannabis and magic mushrooms and producing mescaline, was given a 12-month suspended jail sentence and ordered to complete 150 hours community service in Mudgee Local Court last Wednesday.

Adam John Pahl of Redbank Road, Mudgee, was charged with five counts of ‘Possess prohibited drug’ and one of ‘Manufacture prohibited drug more than small and less than/equal to indictable quantity’.

On August 12, 2016, police were called to Pahl’s house about cannabis at the premises.

He denied the allegation but consented to a search.

Officers found a safe in a cupboard that contained; a jar with 36g of cannabis; a vial with 3g of cannabis seed; a jar with 14.1g of magic mushrooms; and a jar with 18 tablets of the psychedelic mescaline.

Pahl told police he found the cannabis in the Three Poles area and that he made the mescaline from cacti – they noted a significant number of plants in the backyard – but claimed he didn’t like it when he tried it.

His solicitor, Allan Hogan, told the court that his client produced the drugs for his own use and “has never been part of the Mudgee drug scene”.

Magistrate Terry Lucas told the defendant, “Mr Pahl you have a long and undistinguished record with drugs, and now you’ve even gone as far as manufacturing”.