MacArthur Park Road to stay open for Kains Flat safety

MacArthur Park Road, the integral connection between Kains Flat and Botobolar Road.
MacArthur Park Road, the integral connection between Kains Flat and Botobolar Road.

The Mid-Western Regional Council has denied a request from Anthony Edward Fitzgerald to consent to a road closure application to NSW Department of Industry in relation to MacArthur Park Road.

Mr Fitzgerald made the request to the council as the road in question is an unmaintained council road, and does not form part of current or future road networks,.

The road currently runs through his private land, and any person can make application to NSW Department of Industry (Lands) for the closure of a Council public road provided they have written consent from Council as the relevant roads authority.

It was information brought before the council by RFS area captain Neil Williams that swayed councils’ hand to deny the request however.

Mr Williams brought to the council’s attention in the Council Open Day that both Kains Flat and Ironbark Road residences were told that the road in question was built for their safety.

If MacArthur Park Road was to close, the town’s one avenue out of the area in the case of an emergency would be cut off – a concern that is all too relevant after the summer fires around the area.

Mr Williams revealed that response times to the area in the event of a fire or danger would be dramatically increased if access to that road was removed, as people in the area have access to the fire shed along MacArthur Park Road.

In light of the information revealed by Mr Williams, the council unanimously voted to reject the request to close MacArthur Park Road and sell the council property to Mr Fitzgerald.

It was also suggested that the road be submitted to be made a fire trail, so that the RFS could maintain the road and set it up as a fast route to Kains Flat and the surrounding areas.