Mudgee putting Orange to shame | Letter

I’m aware of the old saying that "comparisons are odious".

However, during a recent two-day visit to Mudgee, a number of differences between that town and Orange quickly became obvious to my wife and myself.

Mudgee has virtually all the modern facilities that Orange has. It has no traffic lights, and traffic in and around the CBD moves much slower than in Orange and drivers were especially careful at all pedestrian crossings.

We saw no abandoned shopping trolleys and there were no items of rubbish anywhere.

Toilets were dotted throughout the town - even a modern, brick toilet block in their Roberston Park.

Garden seats were on many of the corners in the CBD and there were no signs of vandalism.

Roads in and around Mudgee were in very good condition, with no sign of a single pothole.

While quickly acknowledging the work and initiatives of Orange City Council, may I suggest a day bus trip by all councillors and senior Orange City Council staff to Mudgee to see these for themselves.