Rylstone News

After winning the ‘Fine Lace’ category and the ‘Margot Chick Award’ at the Sydney Royal Agriculture Show, Gemma Braiding’s gorgeous traditional Shetland Lace shawl was selected to be displayed in the ‘Cabinet of Excellence’.

After seeing the shawl, it’s not surprising that Gemma placed first in the ‘Cabinet of Excellence’ also, winning the most prestigious award in the knitting community.

Gemma said she felt very emotional about the award and noted that the “Sydney Royal Agricultural Show is the pinnacle we all aim for” and that it was very “humbling” to be chosen over the over exhibits.

Gemma knitted a Heliotaxis pattern, but added her own oak leaves and acorn patterns using Shetland Gossamer Lace.

The seven feet in diameter shawl took a staggering 2km of yarn and over 300 hours of diligent knitting to complete.

Gemma has been knitting for over 20 years but is adamant that knitting is only a hobby.

She also expressed the importance of entering locals shows, stating “it’s incredibly important to support our local shows.

It encourages people and shows the diversity of talent in the local area.” Gemma currently managers the Convent and Chapel Wool Shop in the Bridge View Inn at Rylstone with shop owner and close friend, Margot Palk.

Gemma joked that despite winning the award, her stiffest competition is Margot. Margot agreed, stating that “I’m already thinking about what I am entering next year”. Congratulations, Gemma! You’ve done our community proud! 

Rylstone Air Park Open Day

The Rylstone Air Park ‘Open Day and BBQ’ is on this Saturday, 20th May. Organisers are hoping to create a fresh interest in aviation for the younger generation and spark the flame in the heart for the older generations. They’ve had an overwhelming response from flyers with over 70 aircrafts expected on the day.

At 12pm and 1pm, the ‘AOPA -  Freedom to Fly’ aerobatic team, the very best of Australian aerobatics, will be holding demonstrations and between 2.30pm -3pm, aircrafts will fly out from the airport. 

The local VRA will be hosting a fundraiser BBQ, so please, bring the whole family to support this amazing event in our community. For more information, call Rob 0411 816 300.

Animal carers

If you have an injured native animal contact the registered Volunteer Native Animal Care Group, licensed by NPWS, and a registered charity. They also have a qualified reptile handler in the Rylstone area. Call 0408 966 228.