How to: maximise beef profit

Calculating beef business cost of production and building a strategy to maximise beef profit margins will be the focus of a series of beef producer workshops to be held during the second week of June at Merriwa, Mudgee, Molong and Cowra. The program is open to owners, managers and stock consultants with an interest in increasing business performance.

Each workshop will take beef business owners and managers through a balanced program structured to present key information and concepts, to outline a ‘real’ case study of a low cost of production business, and to calculate their business cost of production. Dr David Brown is the coach of the workshop and a respected farm business consultant with the livestock benchmarking specialists Holmes Sackett, a farm business advisory servicing south east Australia and Tasmania.

This course demonstrates how important low cost of production is to maintaining beef businesses profitability over the long term and presents the concept in a logical and easy to understand manner.

“A key strength of this workshop”, David says, “is that participating business will calculate their own beef ‘cost of production’ and be able to compare it to other businesses and the Holmes Sackett Average and Top 20% producers to identify opportunities for improvement – real take home actions.”

The program will use a mix of theory, practical case studies of highly profitable beef businesses and applied learning to ensure even the most discerning producers are kept engaged with clear, relevant information. Following the workshop, participants are able to reinforce the knowledge and skills learnt from the day through a webinar with David, interpreting the ‘cost of production’ data against key industry benchmarks and other livestock businesses.

Eligible producers will be able to claim 50 per cent of the fee for the workshop through a government rebate. 

The Mudgee workshop will be held on June 14. More information can be found online at