96.3% of respondents want a Mudgee-Sydney train service

One of the Mid-Western region's abandoned train stations.
One of the Mid-Western region's abandoned train stations.

Last week saw the NSW Government announced a new Lithgow-Sydney express train, to run each weekday.

The reaction of Mid-Western region residents however has been thoughts of Mudgee, and why a train line isn’t allowing them to access the state’s capital too.

In the article ‘What about us? New express train from Lithgow to Sydney’ on the Mudgee Guardian website, a poll saw that the interest is overwhelmingly positive – just 3.7% of respondents weren’t interested in the service, and 96.3% said that they wanted a train line.

The results of the Mudgee Guardian online poll.

The results of the Mudgee Guardian online poll.

Residents have also had their say on the Mudgee Guardian facebook page, and the talk is mostly positive.

“Would b a (sic) 100% better than having to drive down the mountains from Lithgow,” Rob Loughrey said, while Joy Barrow believed that it was crucial the train line return.

“It's a must. Tourism and locales (sic) would benefit greatly. Why is Mudgee left out? The track will be easy to fix as it was all going 10 years ago,” she said.

Wayne Eade was excited at the idea of the scenic trip that the train service would bring, especially on the line south of Torbane.

“The line south of Torbane (north of Capertee) is in excellent fettle thanks to the volume of coal traffic out of the Airly mine. The views alone are brilliant, particularly in the Brogans Creek area,” he said.

“In the early '80s I read an article on the Mudgee day train that described it as "State Rail's Best Kept Secret" as the trip was a delight in its own right.”

Not all of the residents of Mudgee are excited by the idea however, with some believing that the service would not have enough interest when it was finally installed to actually justify its existence.

“Pretty hard to justify the expense when you would be lucky to have a bus load of passengers a couple of times a day,” Andrew Daly commented on Facebook.

“For a rail service to be used it needs to run both directions multiple times a day and the demand for that does not exist.”

The third option that was raised multiple times was the idea of train services running other places, including a small line to Lithgow to connect to the express trip, or even a train to Newcastle to allow for coastal visits.

Barbara Jones simply commented “What about Newcastle to Mudgee?”, and many others suggest the Lithgow line, as well as connections to Rylstone, Gulgong and the surrounding areas.

However, the general consensus is that Mudgee is missing out without the train service, and although there are many other options that could be taken it seems that the people have spoken - Mudgee wants a return of the train service to Sydney.

If you still want to have your say on the poll, access the article here.

The train from Kandos to Mudgee in 2016 by Grahame Barclay.