Inkspot | by Dianne Simmonds


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Dark blue clouds rolling

Wind howling

Leaves rustling

Trees hugging boughs close

As winter bullies

The last gold crisp thread of carpet

To the ground.

Total colour

Rainbow from the sky

Falls to earth

Red, brown, gold and yellow


Clouds clap

Rains fall

Chill sets

Blue clouds rolling

Wind howling

Trees lie brave and bare

A soft white carpet

Falls from the sky


Soft soft silence.

Winter’s rest.

Bag Lady 2 

She sits on Manly’s promenade

And whistles while she works

Sewing, sewing,

Busy, busy,

Seams across her skirt.

Waves crash on he sands

The wind ships her feeble dirge

Do blend with the seagulls

Fighting for offcast chips

And crumbs of bread.

She sits and whistles


And drags her skirt around

Her ragged frame

To sew another seam

A seagull pecks

At a knob of mouldy bread

Protruding from her perished bag,

Squawking, fighting, bickering.

“Shoo” she says:

The lyrics of her song.

by Dianne Simmonds

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