Letter to the editor | Are leggings pants?

Can someone tell me why so many women are wearing a cross between stockings and track-pants? 

Always black, skintight, no chance for the ‘wearer’ to hide the shape of their butt!

Imagine if this crossed over to men, a dreadful thing to contemplate, I mean people do what they do, I’m not trying to censor fashion, it’s just that the proportion of women signing onto this is something astronomical, but I have hope that this is just a trend of leisure apparel.

To be honest, I wait eagerly for whatever will represent the new fashion, perhaps ugg boots up to the knees.

But for now, those dedicated fat bottomed girls trying to squeeze into them, have a great challenge.

For me, it’s all too much information, but that’s my problem.

Warwich Reid, Mudgee.

Kitty Flanagan takes a forward lunge onto the exercise gear bandwagon, explaining the trend.


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