Letters to the editor | Stolen plants, Council ‘thank you’

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Why Oh! Why?

Would anyone go to people’s homes and steal their plants?  

From what I know and hear they only steal plants they can get good/quick money for - Do we have a problem in this town? YES, WE DO.

Sharon White

Other residents have reported stolen plants on the Mudgee Community Group Facebook:

I wish to commend Council employee Trish Wells on her dedication to the town of Mudgee.

The pride Trish shows in her work, up and down the streets of the CBD, collecting even the smallest items of rubbish dropped by many uncaring citizens and visitors to our town, never complaining, always greeting people with a smile, often passing unseen by many rushing past, I’m sure.

Rain, hail or shine Trish does her part in keeping our CBD clean and tidy.

Congratulations, Trish Wells.

Name withheld