Man sentenced in Mudgee Local Court for assaulting friend with pipe

A 19-year-old man who assaulted and injured a friend using a PVC pipe after the victim criticised his behaviour, was sentenced to 150 hours community service.

Mitchell Edward Reedy of Rifle Range Road, Mudgee, pleaded guilty to ‘Assault occasioning actual bodily harm’ in Mudgee Local Court last Wednesday.

On the evening of October 14, 2016, Reedy was out with a group of friends – which included the victim –  at a local pub and they noted that he was intoxicated.

Later, after the group had gone their separate ways, the victim sent him a text message that read “I hope you wake up in the morning and realise what an embarrassment you are”.

Reedy went to his house to confront him and swung the pipe at his head.

The victim covered his head and the pipe connected with his arm, Reedy then hit him in the back as he turned away.

The victim suffered a broke elbow – which required surgery – along with lacerations and heavy bleeding.

Reedy’s solicitor, Tom Flynn, told the court that his client had been drinking heavily that evening to celebrate his new apprenticeship.

He said he was affronted by the text message and maintains that the victim was carrying something which is why he used the pipe.

Magistrate Terry Lucas was keen to impress on the defendant that assault matters can carry a penalty of imprisonment.

“I want you to know how close you came to jail today, this sort of thing won’t be tolerated in this community,” he said.

“What would two years prison do to you and your family? That’s what’s staring you in the face. Is that worth it for an SMS?”