Are local towns in the Mid-Western region haunted?

Is it possible that towns around the Mid-Western region are haunted?

Australia’s Most Haunted, an ongoing series by Foxtel Australia, certainly seems to think so, and recently partnered with local business Mudgee Gulgong Paranormal to get to the bottom of the supernatural.

Filmed through the past month, and through Gulgong, Lue and Rylstone, Australia’s Most Haunted aims to bring their viewers “spooky tales, ghost towns and rural haunts”.

Joe Simiana, host of the television program, is joined by Kylie and Ian Delaney, the owners of Mudgee Gulgong Paranomal, as they feature the Central West in their ghost-hunting escapades.

According to Kylie, most of the filming is aimed at the historical buildings in the area, and filmed over four days in the Mid-Western region before heading into the Central West.

“Australia's Most Haunted [was in] Gulgong, Lue, Rylstone, doing an episode based on history and local ghosts. Filming [takes place] inside some of our regions rich historical buildings,” she said.

For the local paranormal business, the chance to team up with the television celebrity investigators as a chance that they just couldn’t turn down.

“All going great, very exciting,” Kylie said.

“It is good to have Gulgong filmed with history and some spooky tales in 4K resolution. Gulgong never looked so good!”

After the filming in Gulgong, Lue and Rylstone, the crew headed out to film a ‘Wild West’ episode for the television program, continuing to use Kylie and Ian as the local investigators for the region.

Kylie also hosts tours in the Mudgee and Gulgong areas when she isn’t riding shotgun with Simiana and the rest of the Australia’s Most Haunted crew.

“I think because Mudgee and Gulgong are such historic places a business that has regular ghost tours will bring tourists to town and give them something to do, something completely different.”

For bookings with the paranormal tours and ghost experiences, phone Kylie on 0455 737 968, preferably during working hours.