Images of Mid-Western region residents bust aging stereotype

SNAPPED: Artist David Lever for the Art of Aging photography exhibition. Photos: Tim White.
SNAPPED: Artist David Lever for the Art of Aging photography exhibition. Photos: Tim White.

The older generation, in the Mid-Western region, will be showcased in an upcoming photography exhibition at Parliament House in Sydney.

Mudgee winemaker and photographer Tim White has been selected to take part in the 2018 Art of Aging Exhibition by the Family and Community Services (FACS) and Art Pharmacy.

Only six regional photographers have been selected from around NSW.

Tim explained the exhibition, featuring people over the age of 50, is designed to, “get rid of the stereotype/myth that the older generation sits around and does nothing”.

With a growing ageing population in NSW, this exhibition will show the unique and diverse ways in which older people can contribute to, and enhance communities in a series of 30 images.

Each photograph will be accompanied by a short story, highlighting the subject’s experiences and reflections on ageing.

Colin Millott is a viticulturalist at First Ridge.

Colin Millott is a viticulturalist at First Ridge.

“It’s been fascinating talking to people and getting stories from around here and just discovering what makes people tick, having people reflect on their lives and how things have changed and how they see themselves,” Tim said. 

“I’ve had people tell me that one thing they love about being older is that they don’t care anymore about what people think. They’ve got nothing to prove, they’re experts in their field, they’ve been doing what they’re doing for a long time and they feel more relaxed and able to enjoy life.”

“The people I’ve interviewed so far, who’ve been on the land, have been on the land in Mudgee for 40 years or something – they’ve got a lot of stories to tell about challenges and hard work.

Simon Staines from Artisan on Lewis.

Simon Staines from Artisan on Lewis.

Tim explained one of the myths he would like to bust is that the older generation doesn’t like change.

“There’s that myth that old people get set in their ways and that’s certainly not what I’ve seen in the people that are doing their jobs and working hard in their industries. They’re really appreciative of change and technological changes, in particular, to make their lives easier and more productive – the same as the rest of us,” he said.

Tim is seeking anyone over 50 that would like to be included in the Art of Aging photography project. “It could be you or someone you know that has a story to tell,” he said.

If you would like to participate, email or call 0404 155 168.


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