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Office Bureaucrats: With their shiny trousered butts. Up Yours, Mate by Kevin Pye.
Office Bureaucrats: With their shiny trousered butts. Up Yours, Mate by Kevin Pye.

Up Yours, Mate

There are government inspectors

who are pen pushing nuts,

known as office bureaucrats

with their shiny trousered butts,

planning schemes for their existence,

earning salaries too high

while the lowly folk affected

pay their taxes 'til they die.

Unannounced, one paid a visit

to an honest farming man,

said he'd come to check the wages

per his legal audit plan.

"Hands I hire are always happy",

said the farmer now grim jawed,

"Six hundred dollars every week

plus free tucker and their board."

"There are four of them I pay this rate

as I have done many years;

their super's paid, the hours are good

and the boss holds no real fears."

He hesitates then goes on--

"There's a ' half wit' I forgot,

he gets ten bucks for eighteen hours

and his sanity is shot."

With that the suited one rose up

to pull out his pen and kit--

"Ha, that's the one I want to meet,

the one you labelled 'half wit'."

His officialdom was neutered then

by advice that came for free--

"Here, shake the hand of one who knows

for that 'half wit' bloke is me!"

-by Kevin Pye


A corner of the museum draws me like a magnet

There. Look. Under the stairs. Tucked away.

An Egyptian mummy lies sleeping. Peacefully?

I don’t know. Listen!

I think I can hear soft crying. Yes. I’m sure.

Tears for lost dreams, lost peace,

Dignity gone,

Heart wrenching.

-by Jill Baggett

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