Gulgong News

                     ……..   Though trouble drifts along the years.

            And the pangs of care grow keener,

            My heart is gladdened when it hears

            That good old concertina……by Henry Lawson

The Old Concertina a poem by Henry Lawson is the inspiration for the name of the CD of concertina tunes by Sharon Frost which will be launched during the Folk Festival, at the Centennial Hotel on December 30.

Although Sharon learned the classical piano she longed to play Protest Folk Songs.

Her mother had told her about a relative of theirs named Dick Beasley who had a shed full of musical instruments and it was from Dick she bought her first concertina.

She then found Richard Evans who made and renovated concertinas. Richard renovated her first concertina and from him she bought several more over the years.

The concertina she is using for the CD is one made by Richard. The silver fretwork on each end of the piece is truly beautiful.

In 1984 Sharon, with Bob Campbell and Bob Burns, formed the Home Rule Band.

The band played at all the small halls around the region promoting family entertainment. They played in the street at the first Gulgong Folk Festival and many more to follow.

In 2000 devastation struck Sharon when her home and all her belonging including her four beloved concertinas were lost when her home in Home Rule burned down.

Having lost everything Sharon said “When the people of Gulgong, Home Rule and surrounding areas heard about the fire, their generosity was overwhelming and is something I will never forget.”

Sharon has now replaced her concertinas and has been for the past few months recording her CD with Bob Campbell, Ross Kurtz and Jake Fahey.

The CD will be launched during the two days of the Folk Festival at the Centennial Hotel.

The festival will run from 10am on December 30, with the launch of the CD that evening at 8pm, and then again from 10am on 31st and running well into the evening.

The two day event is being called “Gulgong Showcase” and all musicians from around the area are invited to join in.

There will be a blackboard for the musicians to place their names and join in the experience. 

Musician or music lovers, all are invited.

This annual celebration of the Australian bush and folk tradition has played a major part in preserving these traditions while making them accessible to the next generations.