Gee says he wants same-sex marriage vote by Christmas

AFTER Calare returned a result similar to the national yes vote in the same sex marriage survey, MP Andrew Gee has called for the federal Parliament to pass the same sex marriage legislation before Christmas.

“I think the survey has given all Australians the opportunity to have their say in this debate and now the results are in I think that Australia needs to come together and unify,” Mr Gee said in a statement shortly after the result was announced. 

Calare voted 60.2 per cent in favour, in line with the national result of 61.6 per cent. 

Mr Gee voted no in the postal survey, while wife Tina voted yes. 

He said unity needed to occur across both city and country communities, no matter how they voted.

“I’ll therefore be voting in favour of the same sex marriage legislation and I would encourage everyone in our area to accept and respect the outcome of the survey and come together in the best traditions of country Australia,” he said.

“I think that the debate has for the most part been respectful in our part of the world and I would hope that this will continue as the legislation passes through the Parliament.

“The Parliament now needs to legislate the will of the Australian people and it should do this without delay.”

Mr Gee previously committed to support same-sex marriage legislation if the nation returned a yes vote and would not abstain, however there were issues he wanted to raise during the debate. 


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