Inkspot | Rock Fishing

Rock Fishing

High tide.

and washed ashore

against the cliffs,

a mermaid

caught by her hair

trailing over rocks

sings night songs

to the full moon.

Tides lap beaches,

smacking soft kisses

on warm sands.

Secrets of the sea

pass through generations

of sea nymphs.

Oceans sigh and swell

in waves of rising memories

which fall to hidden currents

and legends of deep waters.

Mermaids laugh.

Silver moonlight flashes

on black green waters.

Curling tresses sweep rock faces:

soft, gentle, sultry songs,

linger, drawing

souls into the sea.

Sirens calling fishermen –

Who will catch whom?

The Cross by Nev Newman

It’s so nice tonight there are no clouds

And The Cross stands out so bright

The stars seem to be so close

On this beautiful summer’s night.

A gentle breeze drifts quietly by

There’s no clouds to spoil the view

How I love to gaze at the Southern Cross

It’s a symbol of our country true.

Our flag waves high upon its mast

And forever now may it be

With its love and pride we jubilate

For all the world to see.

We hold our future in our hands

And we’ll protect it at all cost

We won’t have any scars on our soil

Like the countries that have lost.

by Diane Simmonds

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