‘Mudgee will be a focus’, New Police Commander

If we pick up the phone, to call the police, will there be an officer on the other end of the line that can help?

‘100 per cent’, according to Commander of the newly created Orana Mid-Western Police District, Superintendent Peter McKenna.

While in Mudgee recently for the launch of the Shades of Blue art exhibition at Blue Wren, Superintendent McKenna explained the Mid-Western merger with Orana, announced in November, will mean greater resources.

“There will be police there, as there was yesterday, as there was a week before, and in fact, there is probably going to be more there in the coming weeks,” he said.


“Mudgee will be a real winner, because it really has gone from a small number of police to having access to so many more, especially in the area of detectives, or proactive teams, or bringing police across here when it’s needed for big investigations. It’ll mean freeing up police, getting them back out on the front line and on the street where people want to see them.”

Superintendent McKenna took over the role on December 1 and explained Mudgee will be a focus.

“To make sure that the police are there and we’re engaging with the community, the community see us, they understand that we’re out there doing what they want and what they need,” he said.

“We’re going for an Officer in Charge model, so very shortly you’ll hear of the appointment to Mudgee and he’ll be the face of policing in Mudgee.

“Whilst I’ll be across the whole district, I’m there to make sure he’s supported and the team’s supported.”

“It’s not about losing a police commander and then bringing someone into Dubbo who you’ll never see or hear from, it’s actually empowering police that are here to take charge and make those decisions at the local level, speaking with the local people and being part of that local community,” he said.

“But certainly, I won’t lose touch with coming across to Mudgee and supporting the communities because I get a real buzz out of it.”


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