Fines for driving stolen vehicle in Mudgee

A man from Western Sydney charged with driving a stolen car in Mudgee, was fined a total of $1320 and placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

Jarrad Peter Adams, aged 42, of Llandib Road, Berkshire Park, was stopped for random breath and drug tests on the Sydney Road, Mudgee, on January 5. Although he produced negative results to the tests an inspection of his vehicle revealed a discrepancy between the registration and VIN.

The plates belonged to Adams’ vehicle – which was the same colour and model as the car stopped - but the VIN for this car showed that it had been stolen from Oakhurst on December 18. Adams said his own car was parked up with a gearbox problem and this identical showed up in his driveway with keys but wouldn’t elaborate, so he attached his plates to it.

Magistrate David Day - referencing the vague circumstances of how Adams came into possession of the vehicle - said, “the car ended up here, he’s charged with ‘take and drive conveyance without consent of owner’, which is legalese for ‘he was driving a stolen car’”.