Mudgee pet owners share their pet photos to celebrate Pet Day

It’s Pet Day so, to celebrate, we put the call out on our Facebook page asking for Mudgee’s pet owners to help celebrate the day with their best friends.

Pet Day is a chance for those who have a pet to show how much they love them – and what a better way than showcasing them all in a gallery. 

Of course we are sure the pets would enjoy a new toy, or a tasty treat, but for us humans, looking a cute pet photos is a pretty good way to spend the afternoon (or morning, or evening – we’re happy to look at cute animals any time of the day). 

In all seriousness though, Pet Day is a day to raise awareness of all the pets out there who are still waiting for some love and attention. So as you give your pet an extra pat today, consider donating to a shelter or animal welfare organization, or, if you don’t have a pet already, then maybe today is the day to think about it.