Cyril Blowes celebrates his 105th birthday and 77th wedding anniversary with wife Pattie

With his wife of 77 years beside him, and surrounded by his neighbours and friends, Cyril Blowes enjoyed his 105th birthday party. 

The Blowes Menswear founder moved from Mudgee to Port Stephens in 1980 with his wife, when he retired from the business. 

The birthday celebrations followed another milestone, with the couple celebrating their 77th wedding anniversary at the end of May. 

In celebrating his 105th birthday Mr Blowes said ‘life has been good’ 

“I’ve been fortunate. I wouldn’t say lucky, I’d say fortunate.

“I give a lot of credit to my parents. I have some good genes.”

The couple met at a ball in Mudgee and were married in March 1941. They raised four children in Mudgee while Mr Blowes expanded his business. 

The couple moved from Salamander Bay into Harbourside Haven at Shoal Bay about 10 months ago. 

Mr Blowes said he does not profess to know the secret to a long life or marriage. But he said good genes and good family helped with the long life, and forgiveness helped with the long marriage.

And also having the “best wife in the world”.

“Every marriage, every family, has its up and downs but you need to tread carefully and forgive,” Mr Blowes said. “Forgive each other and yourself. You have to give to get back.”

Mr Blowes said that he was “just an ordinary man” who was was not without his regrets, but was fortunate to have some success in his life.