Don’t forget veteran’s families on Anzac Day

The Mudgee North West Legacy monthly widows luncheon on Monday.
The Mudgee North West Legacy monthly widows luncheon on Monday.

As people honour veterans past and present on Anzac Day, Legacy asks that they also think of the families left behind – and consider lending a hand.

The organisation supports 65,000 widows and children across Australia, the families of veterans who have given their lives or health (incapacitated) for their country.

Mudgee North West Legacy president, Rodger Howard, said, that they “need more Legatees and other volunteers to assist in our important work”.

“Legacy’s work is done by volunteers, called Legatees, who liaise with the widows and/or families to see what support they need.

“We keep in contact and visit widows from the Mudgee district and way out to north western NSW, including Lightning Ridge, Brewarrina, Walgett, Coonabarabran, and Bourke.

“Recently, assistance was given to a widow who had been pumping muddy water from a river, where the water quality was questionable. New water tanks were supplied meaning she now has access to clean drinking water and no longer has to pump the river, which involved climbing down a steep hill.

“Legacy assists widows and children through bereavement, ensuring they receive any benefits to which they are entitled and then see that they remain socially included. We believe that no family should suffer financially or socially because of the death or injury of a veteran spouse, partner or parent.”

Mr Howard added anyone who can volunteer the time is welcome as their workload isn’t set to disappear in the future.

“In Legacy’s early decades Legatees had a military background, but today’s Legatees come from all walks of life,” he said. “All they need is some time and a willingness to help.

“Some believe that Legacy’s work is done. That is not the case as we are seeing an increase in the number of widows of Vietnam veterans and more than 80,000 Australian Defence Force personnel have served since 1990. This means Legacy will be needed for many years to come.”

If you would like to volunteer, call 6370 8600 or email