Man fined in Mudgee Court for tresspass, assault and threats

A 41-year-old man charged with an incident in the Windamere area, which included a threat to burn down the victim’s house, was fined $3520 and placed on a two-year good behaviour bond.

James Campbell of Limekilns Road, Peel, was sentenced in Mudgee Local Court last Wednesday for charges of common assault, stalk/intimidate intend fear physical etc harm and enter inclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse.

Between 2.30-3pm on Saturday, July 29, 2017, the victim was doing cattle work on the leased property and saw Campbell driving a ute in the location.

He approached him to ask if he had permission to be on the property. Campbell refused to give any details and the victim said he would contact police.

Police reports state Campbell told him, “if you cause me any trouble with the police I’ll come back and burn your house down and make trouble for you”. They continues with details that implied he knew the victim’s background and where he was from.

He also got in the victim’s face and pushed him in the chest. The victim backed away, took a photo of the number plate on the ute and contacted police.

His solicitor, Richard Wise, told the court his client was carrying out pest control on an adjacent property leased by people he knew when he was confronted after straying onto the land in question.

Magistrate David Day said that while the assault was minor, the threat and implication that he knew the victim “would’ve been very intimidating”. He added, with Campbell’s history and the original plans to take the matter to hearing until he reversed his plea, “only the plea of guilty has saved you from going to jail today”.