Woman charged with concealing the alleged offences of Benjamin Biffin

The woman charged with concealing the alleged offences of Benjamin Biffin, was sentenced in Mudgee Local Court.

Alana Patreece Chestnut, aged 33, of Burrundulla Avenue, Mudgee, was placed on an 18-month good behaviour bond for the charge ‘Conceal serious indictable offence of another person’.

Police had been seeking Biffin since December 20, 2017, after he’d failed to appear in court. In mid-January he allegedly crashed during a police pursuit and was taken to Dubbo Hospital, where he subsequently escaped from, led police on another pursuit to Mudgee and evading arrest for a period of time.

During their investigation police found that Chestnut made a deposit into Biffin’s bank account. Then on February 8, they were informed that he was at the Burrundulla Avenue address following an argument between him and Chestnut.

Police arrived at the house that morning and Chestnut delayed them after they knocked on the door. Biffin was allegedly seen attempting to escape from the back of the premises before he was apprehended.

He is listed to appear in Mudgee Local Court via Audio Visual Link on May 23 for 17 charges relating to the alleged incident earlier this year, including; taking a vehicle without the consent of owner; prisoner escape lawful custody; and police pursuit.

Biffin was charged with; Dangerous/negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm; Drive while licence application refused; Drive vehicle, illicit drug present in blood etc. These matters will go to hearing on August 7. A charge of ‘Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (Domestic Violence)’ from February, will be heard on July 19.

Chestnut was also fined $110 and disqualified for six months for charges of ‘Cultivate prohibited plant less than/equal to small quantity’ and ‘Drive motor vehicle during disqualification period’.

At about 1.40pm on Thursday, December 28, 2017, police went to her house to attempt to speak with her. Initially no one was home, but officers noticed a 40cm tall cannabis plant growing in a pot on the verandah.

While still at the location they observed Chestnut driving the vehicle she arrived home in. She had been disqualified from October 18, 2017, until September 22, 2018, and said she knew she shouldn’t be driving but was “craving ice cream” and went to the shops. And admitted the plant was hers and that she watered it daily.