Woman sentenced for Mudgee trespass incident

An intruder who showered and slept at a Mudgee unit, has been convicted for the incident after police recovered her DNA from the towel she used.

Kamarah Rose Riley pleaded guilty to the charge ‘Enter inclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse’ in Mudgee Local Court.

On the evening of Sunday, August 13, 2017, the victim returned to the Lewis Street unit having been away since that Friday morning.

He noticed that the front door was slightly ajar and once inside saw that the cupboards were open and the towel on the floor.

The DNA of Riley – who didn’t know the victim – was found on the towel.

At some point during the three days she entered the house, turned on the air conditioner, showered, and slept on the bed.

As well as going through the cupboards but didn’t take any items.

Riley appeared in court via audio-visual link from prison where she is refused bail on separate matters.

Magistrate David Day recorded a criminal conviction with no other penalty, due to the likelihood of a more severe sentence pending on the other charges, as well as her having no capacity to pay a fine.

He noted, “she has an appallingly long and serious criminal record”.