The Mudgee Ray Gooley Memorial Ride took place on May 12-13

Mudgee Endurance Ride
Mudgee Endurance Ride

It was a cold start to the Mudgee Endurance ride this year as entrants were honouring Ray Gooley across the two-day event on May 12-13.

On the Saturday, 32 riders set off gamely for a 20km event, while eight riders took part in the 10km ride half an hour later.

The weather improved for the Sunday morning ride which was 80km and featured 76 entrants with 11 juniors.

A pair of riders crossed the finish line at the same time as heavyweight John Robertson (riding Karabil) and middleweight Ellie Maddick (riding Prince Emani) clock times of four hours 19 minutes.

The fastest finishing lightweight was Elizabeth Moir (riding Kenya’s Gold) who concluded her ride in five hours eight minutes, while the first junior, Levi Robinson (riding Karumba Beamish) came in at four hours 55 minutes.

The Ray Gooley Memorial trophy for best managed horse in the 80km ride was awarded to Kat Stenholm who rode Velona Phoenix.

There were 44 entries in the 40km ride which start at 7am on Sunday while the total weekend tally of entrants was 160.