Editorial  | One day closer...to all getting along

A photo submitted by Lyn Richards the the 'One Day Closer to Rain' Facebook page.

A photo submitted by Lyn Richards the the 'One Day Closer to Rain' Facebook page.

It’s hard to be upset that we had a wet and overcast weekend just gone.

Farmers around the region – and the country – are doing it tough at the moment with average rainfall falling to well below average in some areas.

But among the hardship, social media has given those in need a place to share stories of hope.

One Day Closer to Rain is Facebook group created Merriwa woman Cassandra McLaren and she said she created the page as a way to bring people together.

“Being in drought can be such an isolating experience. The page is really about being there for each other and letting people know they aren’t alone,” Ms McLaren said.

Ms McLaren said she realised the impact the drought was having on people when her own daughter Emma got upset by their need to sell cattle.

At the time of writing this, the current number of members is just a few hundred shy of 10,000 at 9,619 and I’m sure that by the end of this week it will have cracked that milestone.

When the Mudgee Guardian originally wrote about the group at the end of May, it had more than 3,100 members.

A cursory glance at the page will show you just how engaged the members of the group are.

People from around Australia are sharing photos of growing weeds, livestock and dark clouds rolling in across their land.

Too often, those with the privilege of access to an open forum like Facebook abuse this privilege to spread rumours, fake news and exaggerated opinions presented as fact.

It’s heartwarming to see technology being used in a way to bring people together and give support to those where it’s needed.

If you haven’t already, check the page out and join if you feel like you have something to add.

Everyone reading this would know someone that could use a lesson in how to be nice to others online.

While farmers and landholders may make up the majority of those who are members of One Day Closer to Rain, Ms McLaren said everyone was welcome.

“The page isn’t doom and gloom either. People want to have a bit of a laugh. Someone posted they were selling their rain gauge because they thought it was faulty.

As Bill and Ted famously said…

“Be excellent to each other.”

Let’s hope we don’t need to keep dancing for rain.