Bylong assault went ‘beyond self defense’

A Kandos man who assaulted another man in Bylong causing a number of facial injuries, was sentenced in Rylstone Local Court last Friday.

Troy Weekes, aged 36, of Buchanan Street, Kandos, was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond for the charge ‘Assault occasioning actual bodily harm’.

At about 3pm on October 14, 2017, the victim of the incident was at his Bylong property when he saw Weekes across the road.

He confronted Weekes - claiming that he’d been on his property without permission to hunt – and an argument ensued.

Weekes punched the victim a number of times in the face and continued once he fell to the ground.

As a result he suffered a broken nose, major bruising to his right eye, and a cut eyebrow.

Weekes’ solicitor, Tom Flynn, told the court that there was “severe provocation” but his client concedes that the punches “were excessive and beyond self defense”.

Magistrate Michael Allen said that there was a gap in the defendant’s offending prior to this incident and suggested that he take another break from breaking the law.

“You’ve been out of trouble for a while, it could be that you’ve grown up in that time,” he said.

“Violence is not the way to solve these things.

“The last 14 years wouldn’t have been a fluke, don’t turn violent again.

“Let’s make it another 11 or 12 years, or better yet, don’t come back before court again.”