Kandos-Rylstone Rail Heritage reps check on rail car resto | Photos

Members of the  Kandos-Rylstone Rail Heritage Precinct recently visited Goulburn to check on the restoration of the railcar that will be running along the rail link between the two towns.

When the line is re-opened they plan to run it as a Rylstone-Kandos-Rylstone shuttle on weekends and a once-a-month Lithgow to Rylstone run through the Capertee Valley.

Members of the Kandos Museum, the Lithgow State Mine Rail board, and the Rail Management Team were invited to the Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia's workshop to check out progress on the refurbishment of the rail cars. While the motors are in Newcastle being rebuilt by Cummins.

“We hope to have railmotor set 623-723 running on the Kandos-Rylstone line within a few months,” president of the Kandos Museum, Buzz Sanderson, said.

“The trailer car 723 has just come out of the paint shop and its looking great. We are very excited by the work that has been done by our friends at CFCLA and the support that both our partners, Lithgow State Mine Railway and ourselves have received from Transport Heritage NSW.”

Work on the rail line has been underway since late 2017, shortly after the announcement of $1.1 million in funding for the project back in October.

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