Letter | ‘You’ve joined team Baby Boomer Bashers’

Re Editorial:  “It’s time to stop bagging positive change” Friday 7th July 2018

Dear Sir,

Oh no! Not you too! You’ve joined team Baby Boomer Bashers.

 For the record, this Baby Boomer and many of her friends have been taking our own shopping bags to supermarkets for years, not days or weeks, YEARS! You won’t hear any complaints from us.

So, how did you arrive at the conclusion that it is the Baby Boomers who are whingeing? Did you conduct a survey? Were the participants representative of the broader community? 

Were the questions without bias? Was the data collected rigorous and accurate? I think not. Looks like you have been listening to the shock jocks.

Time to tune out, rise about the drivel and positively engage your entire readership.

- Diane Page