Gulgong Health Service breathes easy from Balmoral Burn

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation’s Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn has made a difference to hospitals and health services across Australia – including Gulgong Health Service. 

The event, now in its 18th year, raised a record-breaking $2.7 million which will help Humpty donate much-needed medical equipment to many of the 383 hospitals supported by the charity. 

The ‘Humpty’s Breath of Life’ ($8,500) and AIRVO 2 Humidifier ($2,750) for Gulgong Health Service’s accident and emergency are some of the pieces that will be donated to Australian hospitals and health services as a result of this event. 

The specially designed ‘Humpty’s Breath of Life’ package includes a Neopuff Infant Resuscitator, Low Flow Bird Blender and an MR850 Humidifier on a mobile stand.

And will provide humidified air during respiratory support to a sick baby or child as well as maintain them on a safe type of ventilation until a transfer arrives.

Humidification is important for babies and children suffering from respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and cystic fibrosis.

Humidified air and oxygen from the AIRVO 2 Humidifer helps them breathe restfully and clears the chest for ongoing treatment and recovery.

The Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn fundraising weekend in Sydney at the end of May kicked off with a VIP Corporate Dinner on the Friday night followed up on Sunday with the charity’s Balmoral Burn fun-run created by Wallaby legend, Phil Kearns AM.

Consisting of 22 x 420metre uphill challenges, the Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn has a race category to suit every member of the family, including the family pet and features the infamous ‘Hill of Hurt’ obstacle event. 

Held on the last Sunday of May each year, over its 18 years, the Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn has raised over $32 million. 

“Yet again the community has rallied together to support our annual fun-run event that is now in its 18th year,” Paul Francis OAM, founder and executive chairman of Humpty Dumpty Foundation, said.

“The record-breaking results again show just how much this event has grown since Phil Kearns first came up with the idea in 2000 and we are delighted to see it continue to grow each year.

“Thanks to the generosity of corporate organisations and individuals, we have raised $2.7 million, another record-breaking result and we thank the community for their kindness.”