Mudgee Max Potential 2018 Showcase | Photos

The 22-week Max Potential journey came to an end for the nine young adults and eight coaches of 2018, with the Showcase at Club Mudgee last Friday.

The young adults assembled stalls demonstrating their journey in the program and their various community service projects. With guests invited to discuss their journeys with them.

One of the young adults who spoke at the presentation was Hamish Saint and he reflected on the experience of the program. 

“There have been times throughout the program where we’ve been out of our comfort zone, felt challenged, and maybe at times a little fear,” he said.

“Through Max Potential we’ve been given the tools for working through these issues and to grow as people.”

The adage with Max Potential is that the coaches learn just as much as the young adults. And coach Kellie Smith confirmed that they too are challenged in the program.

“Throughout the 22 weeks I’ve seen all of the young adults achieve things that we all know they could, but they thought they couldn’t,” she said.

“It has been an honour to be a part of this program and I too have learned a lot about myself, I’ve been outside my comfort zone and not knowing if I was providing the right support to Anthony [Furney].

“But Anthony has kicked all of his goals and completed everything just like he knew he could. It’s been a wonderful development opportunity and I encourage anyone whose thought about being a coach to get in and do it.”

Program manager, Fiona Brown, said, “Max Potential changes lives, I’ve seen evidence of that since I first became involved in 2007”.

“This program is not just about getting young adults – and not so young adults – from the community to work on goals and doing community service projects,” she said.

“I would go so far as to say every coach and young adult who exits the program with a greater sense of; who they are; what holds them back; more efficient ways to move forward; how to set and achieve smart goals; and how to celebrate success.

“The secret to living is giving and Max Potential is an opportunity for community members to give and add value to our young adults who are our future leaders. They’re the people who’ll be the councilors, the GMs, the CEOs and the business leaders.”

Mudgee is the longest running Max Potential program in NSW, and president of program partners Club Mudgee, Scott Fittler, confirmed that they’ll continue their support of the program into 2019.

“We continue to see the benefits of leadership and leadership training,” Mr Fittler – himself a former Max Potential coach – said.