Where is the ‘Orange man’?

From time to time the Mudgee Guardian receives news tips and questions via our online news tip portal.

One question this week caught our attention:

Does anyone know what happened to the Orange man?

He used to come every few weeks. He would be at the Shell servo on Church Street on a Friday. He would move up to the tennis courts near KFC on a Saturday and a Sunday. He has been coming here for years.

Just wondering what has happened to him.

The Mudgee Guardian did some digging, including outreach on Facebook and calling the businesses he spent time in front of.

We know that his name is ‘Ron’ [we won’t share his last name] and that he hasn’t made an appearance in Mudgee in 2018.

No need to worry however, Ron is just fine, he’s just taking a step back for the moment.

A friend of Ron’s relayed a message to the Mudgee Guardian from Ron.

“He's been off for a few months as he broke his shoulder, but he says he should hopefully be back sometime next year,” the friend wrote.

Considering Ron lives quote a distance from Mudgee we say to Ron, ‘Get well soon.’