Mother and son sentenced in Mudgee Local Court for rowdy pub ejection

A mother and son charged with re-entering a pub they’d been expelled from and damaging the door, with the latter also assaulting staff, were sentenced in Mudgee Local Court.

Jai-Lee Jacob, aged 47, of Winter Street, Mudgee, was placed on a nine-month good behaviour bond, fined a total of $220 and ordered to pay $130 compensation, for the charges; destroy/damage property; excluded person re-enter premises; and excluded person remain in vicinity.

While Wade James Jacob, aged 27, of Winter Street, Mudgee, received the same penalties for those charges along with a $1100 fine for assault.

At about 10.30pm on July 11, 2018, Wade Jacob was arguing with three other men in the pub and was asked to leave.

As he was being escorted from the premises he resisted and when Jai-Lee Jacob became involved she was asked to leave as well.

Wade Jacob pushed and kneed the security guard attempting to re-enter, before throwing a punch that hit him in the shoulder.

Once they were outside the door was locked and the pair began banging on, punching and kicking it, causing the glass panels to break.

Wade Jacob briefly re-entered the pub before being ejected again, while Jai-Lee Jacob continued yelling through the broken glass.

Jai-Lee Jacob’s solicitor, Matt Quill, said his client was “remorseful” and her actions arose from concern for her son and what he was involved in.

Wade Jacob’s solicitor, Tracy Jackson, said her client was “minding his own business” before being “harassed” by the other men he was in an argument with. But added, “he accepts that when he was approached by security he should’ve cooperated”.

Magistrate David Day said, “there’s an attitude of ‘I can go back in’” among some people who have been excluded from a licensed premises. But there’s no “right” to re-enter, because “it’s not a public space” as such.

“Parity suggests I must [give them the same sentence for the common charges] - same damage, same boorish behaviour,” he said.

“The community of NSW are sick and tired of this drunken stupidity.”