Queensland man charged with intimidation, destroy/damage property convicted in absence

A Queensland man charged with intimidation and destroy/damage property while he was staying in Wollar, was convicted in his absence when he failed to appear in Mudgee Local Court.

Thirty-eight year old Daniel Toomey was fined a total of $2200.

On the evening of Monday, August 13, 2018, he was among a group of people drinking at the house he was staying at.

Toomey began yelling and swearing and when the others tried to calm him down it made things worse. He then overturned a table, breaking some of the items sitting on it at the time, before saying “you’re f***ing dogs all of ya, I’ll f***ing kill ya”.

He left the house and the police were called.

Later at about 11pm Toomey returned but was locked out. He began raving again, threatening to burn the house down, then broke a glass panel and the lock on the door.

The victim had to hold the door shut to keep him out.

Last Wednesday, Magistrate David Day noted that Toomey had no prior NSW record but Queensland – where the court heard he’d returned to – was a different story.

“Well he likes it there, particularly the courts on the Sunshine Coast,” he said.