Mudgee History | From India to Mudgee

From India to Mudgee

Dungaree School near Rylstone: This school was known prior to 1872 as the Lowee School, because of the named nearby  ‘louee’ or ‘lowee” chain of waterholes.

Dungaree School near Rylstone: This school was known prior to 1872 as the Lowee School, because of the named nearby ‘louee’ or ‘lowee” chain of waterholes.

William Henry Haynes, was the patriarch of members of his family responsible for the acquisition of several grocery and hardware businesses mainly at Coolah, Dunedoo, Cassilis and Leadville. 

He was born in Drayton, Middlesex, England, in 1838, and at the age of 20 years he joined the 5th Regiment of the Lancers.  

After 12 years service with the Lancers, including six years in Bengal, India, he was discharged in 1870.  

Whilst a member of the Lancers in 1863 he married Alice Lucy Elizabeth Olive.

After his discharge from the service he worked as a warder in the Millbank Prison.  

He sailed for Australia on the SS Winefred , as an acting purser.    He arrived in Brisbane in February, 1874, with his wife Alice and two children, Alice M.S. born 1868 in Lucknow, India, and enry

Henry Olive, born in London in 1871. Children later born in Australia were William L B B born in 1877at Green Swamp near Ilford and William Henry Edgar “Ted” born  at  Narrandera.

Soon after his arrival in Australia William taught school at Cullenbone, near Gulgong, for a period of almost 7 years.  He was responsible in having a new school building erected there. 

In 1875, age 36 years he was transferred to the Dungaree School near Rylstone.  

This school was known prior to 1872 as the Lowee School, because of the named nearby  ‘louee’ or ‘lowee” chain of waterholes. 

From 1913 the removed school was called the Lue school. William Henry Haynes died on 1st March, 1882, age 44 years. He was  buried in the private graveyard of the Dowling family. 

Whilst a school teacher at Dungaree William was a tutor to the children of  Vincent J  Dowling  (1832-1902). 

On Williams death his widow Alice took up the profession of public school teacher and taught in schools around the Mudgee area, including Botobolar She remarried a Charles Cook of Narrandera and died in 1936, age 96 years.  

She was a remarkable woman and encouraged all members of family to enter the commercial world.

The Haynes family became involved in retailing when “Ted” began a general store in Glenreagh near Coff’s Harbour.

  In 1925 he moved to Coolah, the family firm having purchased from McWhirters and Sons their general store. 

As a general merchant ‘Ted’ sold hardware, groceries, clothing, furniture and farming supplies, under the name of H O Haynes and Sons Pty Ltd.  

Later the firm was acquired by Mathews Thompson, an importer and supplier of groceries, who left the previous owners remain as store managers,  “Ted” managed the main present Coolah  store, whilst his brother, Frederick Ernest Haynes ran a second store in Coolah. 

This was purchased from Gordon Simmons and was later known as the “ The Bargain Barn”.   Also at Coolah in 1950 they acquired Botfield’s garage and became   dealers for Ford cars and trucks.                                             

In the same year H.O. Haynes and Sons purchased from Messrs. W Kellett and Sons of Mudgee their store at Cassilis which Kelletts  had held for several years.  

The Leadville store was acquired in 1937 and was initially managed by brother, Henry Olive ‘Harry’.  

The Dunedoo Store and residence was acquired in 1943, from J J Alam Pty Ltd. 

Harry moved from Coolah to Dunedoo to take over the management.  

In Dunedoo they later acquired also a local garage and a Ford dealership.

Matthew Thompson, in 1973, sold the main Haynes Store at Coolah  to G J Coles for $56,250  who in 1977 resold to  Gary R and Sue Connelly and Robert L Nelson.  

Gary (OAM) and Sue have recently disposed of the business and moved to reside in Mudgee.

-by Roy Cameron OAM