One of Australia's first sex therapists comes to town

Health:  Bettina Arndt will speak at a men's health evening in Gulgong on July 28.
Health: Bettina Arndt will speak at a men's health evening in Gulgong on July 28.

Sex therapist Bettina Arndt is headed to Gulgong for a men's only health evening.

The men's health evening will be held at the Gulgong Bowling Club from 6pm on Thursday, July 28.

Free dinner and dessert are included and free health checks will be available.

One of Australia's first sex therapists, Bettina Arndt speaks to audiences all over Australia and appears regularly on television and radio.

Her career highlights have included not just having her own talk-back radio show and being banned for two years from live television and radio, but becoming the person that a nation came to for advice about sex.

By the 1980s, she was a respected social commentator discussing changing relationships between men and women, and was invited onto government advisory committees covering issues from family law to childcare and ageing.

Having spent the first ten years of her career lecturing medical students, Bettina has long been interested in helping people learn more about sexuality and health, how things work in the body and medical issues impacting on people’s sex lives.

She now spends most of her time on the speaking circuit, travelling across the country sharing her stories with audiences.

She writes for many of Australia’s leading newspapers and magazines and appears regularly on television and radio.

She is in great demand for talking to prostate cancer groups about the impact of cancer treatments on their sex lives.

Bettina's warm approachable style and immense experience with relationships – and over 40 years as a writer - makes her uniquely equipped for her latest role coaching newcomers to online dating. 

The men’s health evening is supported by Gulgong Men's Shed, Gulgong Medical Centre, Dr Alseneid and staff, Gulgong Multi-Purpose Health Service (MPS) and Mudgee Community Health. 

Registration and bus bookings are essential as seats are limited.

Contact Chris on 6375 9655 or Ray on 6374 1610.