Ink Spot: The Bylong Mouse Races

Photo: The Land
Photo: The Land

You won’t have heard of the Bylong Mouse Races.

Bylong Valley is a small village, miles from Mudgee, Sandy Hollow and Denman.  Farming country, central NSW.

Not unlike the Melbourne Cup, Sports ground the venue, crowds of people from all over the country, variety of dress, smart, not so smart, food supplied by CWA ladies and Rural Bush Fire Brigades, drinks from the bush bar and marques run by Hunter Valley wineries.  

Trophy not so impressive but gallantly fought for.

Profit shared with local charities.

Mice are locally trained by a village lady, you can purchase a beast for a small cost $20Trading discouraged.  

The course is made of Perspex, ten channels, a box at one end with a hole; the release and a roar encourage the mice to run to the end of the channel.  

Over the day several heats are run, excitement builds.  

The Bookies, standing on hay bales, are kept busy as I know that the TAB doesn’t run on the event YET!  

Doping is not a problem.

Cats are band from the grounds, dogs, well it is a grazing area, and so dogs sit patiently on the back of Ute, chained to 4 x 4’s.  

Pups displayed in baby play pens for sale with cardboard signs saying

“ red kelpies out of Barry’s Best Bitch by Nev’s good dog”

Children run about, grubby, sun tanned and loud, healthy, no computers nerds around here.

From dawn to late the fun continues, many camping overnight around the oval. Fun continues.

Yarns flow from bar b q areas.

Mudgee Valley Writers 

Meet at Club Mudgee, First Floor, Room 2. 

On the second Tuesday each month at 12pm to 3pm. 

“We encourage members to think of and try fun and creative writing ideas at the meetings.”

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