Credit where it’s due: Mudgee women top men in credit ratings

Women will say it’s something they’ve known for years – that they’re better at managing their finances than men.

Well, now it’s official.

An analysis of the personal credit scores of people living in Mudgee and Lithgow shows that women have a better rating than men in every age group – except for the over 65s.

On a scale ranked from 0-1200 the region’s women outscore men by 765 to 763 overall.

The figures, obtained by consumer company, are compiled from ratings given to consumers based on their loan repayment and bill paying history with companies ranging from mobile phone suppliers to electricity companies and banks.

You can check your own credit score online through various sources including at

The analysis shows that older people have better credit ratings.

Generation Y consumers in Mudgee and Lithgow have the lowest average score of only 689 compared to 739 for Generation X consumers, 799 for baby boomers and 830 for over 65s.

And overall the region’s creditworthiness picture is not great compared to neighbouring areas and below the NSW and Australian averages. Chief Executive Officer Luke Keller said the region’s overall credit score was 751 which was well below the Blue Mountains on 791 and Bathurst on 759.

Although, it is up on Dubbo’s score of 729 and Orange’s ranking of 748.

The Australian average score is 757 and NSW is 760.

The getcreditscore website said that any score above 622 was considered good and this should not create trouble for people applying for credit.