Letters to the Editor | Suspension footbridge to Glen Willow

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Good afternoon Mid Western Regional Council,

What an utter disgrace and embarrassment! My family and I attended the NRL Country-City game the other weekend at Glen Willow Sports Complex. We parked our car in the Council car-park, as was suggested, and walked out to Glen Willow using the suspension footbridge. With only about 10 in total walking across it at 1pm (and being the first time I have actually walked across it) I couldn't believe how much it rocked and swayed!

We watched the games, had a great day out and proceeded home at the end of the games.

As we proceeded to go back over the bridge, we were caught up in a queue, no big deal! But what we soon discovered was there were hundreds in front of us trying to go across the suspension bridge.  Shortly after lining up, we saw the police go past and realised they were there for crowd control along with other staff members from the Council.

From the time we lined up to getting over the bridge was easily 30 minutes. As we waited, we watched and couldn't believe how much the bridge was rocking with everyone walking across! As we were hearing and then told that they were only allowing a handful of people at a time. 

Apparently this was to avoid people falling over and injuring themselves? I had been split up from my family to cross and was actually then 1st in line to do the next crossing. The young council girl controlling all of this, told me 'that it would be better anyway, as I would be in front and wouldn't be rocked as much!" There was a further delay in being able to go over, when yes, an elderly women did fall over (hopefully not too injured!). When we were finally told we could cross over, I was amazed at all the instructions we were also given! 

Don't walk too fast, nice slow steps, no racing etc etc. As I mentioned, I was first in line...........this made absolutely no difference to the amount of wobbling the bridge got up as everyone else started walking as well. I am in my 40's, but, I had to hold the railing the whole way across! 

Oh hang on, TRY and hold the railing which was broken the whole way across! Fixed hand-railing on a suspension bridge? really?  The railing was buckled and broken at every joint!  I'd be curious to know the number of people who would have cut themselves on the broken joints!

The bridge is a lemon, disgrace, embarrassing to tourists, and clearly has been a huge waste of rate payers money. I do hope council has acted on the amount of complaints that they would be receiving, as I doubt that I would be the only one!

Kind regards,

(Rate Payer)

Di Pearce