Just don’t flush it… a message from Council

Council is urging residents not to flush disposable wipes into their toilets with the products causing major blockages to the region’s sewer networks.

This month Council staff removed a 12 kilogram mass of nappy and sanitary wipes from a sewer main in East Mudgee.

While baby, facial, cleaning and personal wipes are often marketed as flushable they do not break down in water and combine with oils and fats to form congealed blobs that cause significant problems to the region’s sewer systems.

Mid-Western Regional Council General Manager Brad Cam said the sewer network was not designed to accommodate non-biodegradable material like wipes, sanitary items, cotton buds, cooking oils and fats.

“All of these items should be thrown into your rubbish bin,” Mr Cam said.

“Although it’s a topic most people would rather not discuss, residents need to be mindful about what they place down their sinks and toilets and the impact it can have.” 

Residents are reminded to flush only toilet paper down their toilets and dispose of wipes, nappies, rags, sanitary items, cotton buds, cooking oils and fats, chemicals, cigarette butts, medicine and dental floss in their rubbish bin.


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