Pre-school kids ‘bamboozled’ to learn

Magician Mr Bamboozle at Mudgee Preschool.
Magician Mr Bamboozle at Mudgee Preschool.

Learning can be magic at Mudgee Preschool… literally.

Magician Mr Bamboozle has been a regular visitor to the early learning centre for many years and his message to the students is simple.

Keep trying. 

The children learn that even if things don’t always work out the first time (like many of Mr Bamboozle’s magic tricks), it’s important to keep trying.

“If you’re doing something really hard but you need help, ask someone for help,” Mr Bamboozle told his audience. 

Mr Bamboozle invites the children to work their own magic to help in his tricks, including multiplying foam balls and mysteriously appearing bananas. 

“Magic is very appealing to younger children, particularly, older children as well but they’re kind of on to it,” Mr Bamboozle explained.

“It’s something that really draws them in – I like to use magic as a way to give positive messages to the children because it entertains them and that relaxes them and I can drop little messages in.

“It makes them very open to the message and magic makes it a lot more memorable.

“What it also means is that teachers and parents can re-enforce those messages – they can refer back by saying ‘remember that time when Mr Bamboozle was trying and he didn’t give up’ and they really remember that,” he said.

“For some of the kids, this is the first time they’ve seen a magic show, so they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives – it’s quite powerful in that way.”


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