Man sentenced in Mudgee Local Court for harassing police

A man with a history of harassing police was sentenced in Mudgee Local Court for new like offences, having spent three months in custody.

James David Taylor, aged 28, of Denison Street, Mudgee, was placed on good behaviour bonds and fined $500, for charges of using a phone to menace/harass, harass police, and resist officer.

The matters arising from the evening of March 15, 2017, when Taylor called Mudgee Police Station and accused officers of knocking on his door.

At the same time police patrolling Gladstone Street saw him using a pay phone, yelling, swearing and bashing the receiver.

Knowing his history they approached Taylor who walked off and refused to stop, he then struggled with the officers as they attempted to arrest him and claimed he was ordering a pizza – “ham and pineapple”.

He was also ordered to perform 100 hours community service for two charges of intimidate police from March 30, 2017.

That morning police were called to Taylor’s residence to assist representatives of Housing Plus.

He started pointing at one officer accusing them of assault and trespassing, before yelling and lunging at them with a clenched fist.

When Taylor was arrested he said “I’m getting out of here soon, remember that”.

These incidents put him in breach of a good behaviour bond he was placed on in May last year for a charge of intimidate police, following a 2015 incident when he stalked an off-duty police officer in a supermarket.

The bond was revoked with Taylor serving three months imprisonment having been refused bail since late May.

His legal-aid solicitor, Ingrid Bown, said that her client had developed a bad relationship with police following an incident a number of years ago and now feels picked on.

Magistrate Margaret McGlynn said to Taylor he was “targeting police for simply doing their job” and “you’ve got a very serious record built up” noting the supermarket incident as “concerning”.